Request Quotes from Moving Companies

A good first task is to call around and request quotes from moving companies if friends and family are unable to help. This is also a great time to determine how much you are able to spend on moving expenses and to choose a company that fits your budget. It's also important to reserve the move-in dates as soon as you have specific dates to move into your new home. Lastly, keep in mind that a tip is customary on the day of the move. Moving companies are a fantastic resource and can help ease some of the anxieties of moving.


Moving to another location is a fantastic opportunity to go through all of your and your family's belongings in order to determine what can be given away, or sold! Moving often requires for us to go through and physically organize every item in our possession. Additionally, consolidating is another way to start fresh and help reach a peace of mind when transitioning in to your new home! Questions like, "Have I used or worn this within the last 2 months?" or, "When did I buy that?" can help filter out some of the items that could be sold or given away. These belongings could include old furniture, toys, rarely used items, pantry goods, garage items, existing storage, bed covers, and clothing. You should also consider throwing away* any items that are in dis-repair (*See your area's restrictions and requirements on how to properly dispose of waste.)

Once consolidated, you can determine if a yard sale is in order, or if donating the items is a better option. This is absolutely up to you! If you choose not to have a sale, there are numerous charities and non-profit organizations that would be happy to receive donations from the items that you no longer need or want in your possession. You could also make note of friends or family that could benefit from the items that you no longer need as well.

Space Planning

Your new home will most likely offer you the opportunity to redesign your current living spaces. Once you have a good idea on the size and layout of your new home, it's a great time to determine what goes where! To do this, view floor plans that incorporates our Space Planner Tool* and arrange your furniture online. If you'd rather plan by hand, you could do this by printing out a copy of the floor plan and brainstorm different ideas on paper. The main living spaces and family rooms are going to be the areas where space planning is essential due to large furniture and foot traffic. This will help in the long run so that your friends, family, and/or movers do not use all of their energy moving furniture around due to a lack of space planning. They will greatly appreciate the effort and consideration!

* The Space Planner Tool may not be available for all floor plans

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